Orbitz New York New York Review


I changed my flight to a later date, and was told I would have to pay a $50 change fee and the difference in the cost of the flight. I agreed to this, and then found out my new flight was $55 cheaper. I told Orbitz they could just use the $55 difference to pay for the change fee, but they said they DON’T GIVE REFUNDS, and I would have to pay the change fee anyway!! I addressed this with Orbitz in over a dozen phone calls and 8 hours of my time, spanning 5 days, only to be dismissed, transferred around, bounced to EVA Air, left on hold indefinitely, and straight-up hung up on! In the end, my only choice is to give greedy Orbitz another $50 of my money after they stole my refund right out from under me, because it’s not worth compromising my honeymoon over. Orbitz only cares about getting your money — after that, you’re not their problem!!

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