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A sales person-“Katie James” called our school offering office supplies ( from a closing business) at 70-90% discount. As she was offering items I was ordering 3 boxes of pens, 10 office message pads etc.and when the order arrived there were 3 dozen boxes of pens and 10 dozen packs of message pads. The bill that I estimated should have been about $200.00 came to us 2 weeks later for almost $6,000.00. They said it was past the time to return the items even though the invoice didn’t come for 2 weeks after the 8 cartons arrived. I sent everything back except some items that teachers had taken before we knew about the scam. That bill was sent to us for $1,771.44. These were post its, pens and scotch tape. We are still fighting them and don’t intend to pay them any money as I didn’t order what they sent me.. I demand Take back what we have and leave us alone. Stay away

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