Olin Ross Stereo Speaker System (2male 30’s) honolulu Hawaii Review


I was on my way to exercise when 2 guys whit cacaisian in the white suberban type SUV approached me in the parking lot of drive in and insisted and persited that they need to get rid of the OLIN ROSS speaker systems overstock before meeting with boss AND OFFERD $200 each.stupid me what looks good to be true IS: nI asked for the ride to home so I could pay them.and they did . Ipaid $ 400. and left to my exercise . Upon return I open ed IN ternet and found the article about the scam in Colorado on Google. so I”ve reprted to the Police but nothing could be done “”I just paid for the poory made product””so said the officer I did mention that I was repentant of the act but did not want other consumer beeing prayed upon same way in this state(HAWAII).nI also called couple of radio station and asked if they coud respond by mentionning what had happened and have the public alerted

they were sympathic and cooperative. ncuz/Honolulu HAWAII nCuznhonolulu


609 Kapahulu Avene Honolulu, Hawaii U.S.A.


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