Norwich pain specialist relinquishes permit to prescribe narcotics


One of the pain management doctors in Norwich has ceased his federal and state permits to prescribe narcotics in order to relieve the pain of the patients. The state department of the consumer protection has started an investigation in order to know the reason of this cause.
Spokesperson of the consumer protection department, Lora Rae Anderson told that Dr. John Paggioli who works at the Eastern Connecticut Pain treatment Centre on West Town Street in Norwich, gave up his controlled substance registration permit to the department on DEC. 15. He did not answer any further questions and told that investigation is going on.
Paggioli has surrendered to prescribe opioids and other narcotics to the federal Drug enforcement administration, Christopher Stan, who was the spokesman for the State Department of Public Health, said that the DEA and State consumer protection cannot close the offices of the physicians but can cancel or request the surrender of credentials.
Both the DEA and the department of consumer health protection informed the health department of the surrenders, Stan Sai. Officials at the DEA offices in Hartford and Boston did not return several messages requesting comment.
Paggioli clarified that he would not permit any of his patients to use narcotics. He wrote a letter on 19th Dec to his patients advising them that they would not be able to prescribe such a drug that will control their moods and relieve pain, especially narcotics. He also told them that they can seek assistance from another physician if they are in need of such drugs.
He also said that in case their primary physician does not assist them they can immediately contact him and he will try to help them find a practitioner and he will prescribe them these medications. In order to avoid withdrawal, they can also get their treatment done from the emergency department of a hospital.
Paggioli stopped responding to the messages that were received at his office and his home. The voice message on his phone said that the practice is closed for vacation until Tuesday. Signs on the front door list office closure days for 2016, including Dec. 26 through Sunday, and state that the practice no longer operates satellite offices in Waterford and Putman.

He also stated in his letter that he will continue to practice his pain management by other drugs that do not include the involvement of controlled substances such as narcotics and he will start prescribing controlled substances again in July or August.
Elizabeth De Wolf of Waterford who was one of the patients who received the letter said that she takes the prescription of narcotics for chronic illness. She said that she is surprised to know that this region has a lack of narcotics. A large number of people are desperately in need of these narcotics. She also said that this is a very bad and sorrowful situation for all of those people who are lacking narcotics and are in need of them.
She said that she understands that the opioids addiction crisis has led to much stricter controls but what is the fault of the other patients who are suffering from severe chronic pain and are being punished by not get narcotics on time.
Paggioli has an active medical license with the state health department and remains on the medical staff at The William W. Backus Hospital, according to Backus spokesman Steve Coates,
Coates said in his email message that they donít comment on the specific cases of the private physicians, but in order to maintain the membership on the hospitalís member staff they are required to disclose any investigation or license restriction that has been imposed on them when reapplying for the membership, which is done in two yearsí cycles. He also stated that Bukus is very much familiar with the scenario that there is a shortage of pain medicine providers in this region. He also gave the names of the three pain medicine specialists working that hospital. Dr. Edward Hargus, Dr. Paul Pudimat, and Paggioli. Coates told that they are trying to recruit new physicians who are trained in this matter in order to meet the demand.
Dr. Sudhir Kadlan talking from the New London Area, told that there are a very few pain specialists working in this district. He and Dr. Honghui Feng are the only pain specialists working in the Lawrence Memorial Hospital Network. He said that Paggioliís services have always been in high demand in response to his letter. He told that he has received a number of calls from Paggioliís patients and he has tried to accommodate them. He has seen some patients but he is unable to see all of them. Patients can also get assistance by going to the primary care doctors in order to get opioid prescriptions. He is surprised that Paggioli has surrendered his substance control permit because he is known as a doctor who goes by the book, he further added.
He told that Paggioli has been under careful investigation by the regulatory agencies since the last year. In December 2015, he made an agreement with the consumer protection department that he will be working or trial for the next four years. In this time period, if any violations of the regulations regarding narcotics occurred, they would suspend his permit straight away according to the clauses mentioned in the agreement. He also mentioned that Paggioli also paid $20000 fine and no documents indicate the reason behind putting Paggioli on probation.
Stan, the state Public Health Spokesman told that a division of state health department issued a consent that claimed a fine on Paggioli of $4000 and issued a reprimand against his medical license. A reprimand is basically a formal notification that violation has taken place but it does not cancel the doctorís license.
The medical Board took these actions in the result of the Violations made by Paggioli. He pre-signed the prescription blanks for controlled substances and he also failed to maintain the security of the pre-signed blanks which was against the orders.
Paggioli did not match the findings

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