Also known to operate as Treeandgreen;; and, nikemetconscom claims on its website to be offerng bona fide branded goods at a sale price, so I ordered what was advertised as the Nike React Flyknit trainer in Pearl Pink for £73. What I received was a cheap, nasty, substandard counterfeit product in what I can only describe as sewer rat grey. Although the cost advertised, invoiced and mandated was £73.11 it subsequently transpired that the company had debited £83.53 from my account. | They conceded they had sent the wrong item, and even admitted that they were counterfeit goods, but refused a full refund even when I proposed to return the item at my own cost. They posited a range of ridiculous excuses: | ‘We also have paid the cost of the product and shipping cost,we are the victim as you are’ | ‘How can we full refund you? if i do that, my boss will fire me. i just work for my company, i donnot want to lose my job, please..‘ | ‘It this item suit for someone, you can send this item to others as present’ | ‘Although the item is a not you ordered it is beautiful and in good quality, why not sent to others or resell it ?’


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