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I ordered Neutrtone face and eye cream on a 30 day trial basis. What I didn’t notice was the text that said if you don’t cancel within 14 days, you can not geta refund and are changed the full price. The cream didn’t work and when I called yesterday, I was given the word track by customer service that I would not be eligiblefor a refund since I past the 14 days which by the way starts when you place your order. The customer service reps are horrible. One actually told me that the reason the customer service exists is so the adminitrators don’t have to be bothered. I was also informed that because they only use natural ingredients, results can take longer and yet you basically only have a week and a half t find out if it works. This has been the worse experience I’ve ever had. I plan to keep complaining until they return my money. They are rip off artists and I would definately advise against doing business with them. There are plenty of other products out therre that work better and they are professsionals that care about customer service. If you have experienced the same thing, I have two addresses you can write to:

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