Natalie’s Wee Yorkies Review


I saw a cute ad for one of Natalie’s puppies. I e-mailed her and was told she was still available. I called about mailing out a deposit and was told the price had raised $500 more than she told me because she just couldn’t go as low because of how much her puppies were in demand. This was $4,000 now $4,500. Which I will tell you is a couple months of our income but I wanted a yorkie for over a decade and saved and saved. I mailed out my money. Then a few weeks go by and I’m called to be told my puppy is getting larger than she expected so she’s going to give me a more expensive puppy instead and sends me pictures(this one was on her site for $6,000). I’m thrilled. A couple days go by and she calls and tells me that she can’t sell me that one because someone will pay MORE for it and that the original puppy is now slowing down in growth. I express my hurt saying that’s not fair at all. She says she will still sell me the more expensive prettier smaller one. More time goes by(she keeps the puppies till they’re a couple months old because of their size) and I’m then told my puppy had passed away, she had a bad bunch of vaccinations. BUT she has another one that is just what I’m looking for. That’s the one I ended up with. Lots of flags but she had my money and I’ve waited so long, I’d been scammed before and honestly, my heart couldn’t take the let down anymore. If ANYONE says she’s not in it for the money, read the above and then tell me different. Fast forward to getting my puppy and I’m told she had a problem with her tail but it’s clearing up but it’s bald and the hair will grow back. She is cute as a button. Then we all catch ringworm. She has a small cough but that goes away. She was the love of my life(besides kids and hubby) but she did have some small problems. She had a cottony coat, constant bad breath, and now I find out AAI, which is why she only lived to 5. I did let Natalie know and her reply was that it must have not been that bad since she lived that long. She did offer me a puppy for $800. I can’t risk that heartbreak again. AAI is genetic. I found references to many many health problems with her dogs and references to being told they should pay more. She almost went out of business once. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a money making venture. Also in researching her I have found two cases of AAI, liver shunt, ringworm, kennel cough, giardia, deaths, growing much larger than she promises and not being of breeding quality when sold as such.

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