N Street Village pat handy Washington District of Columbia


Complaint: Women come to this shelter because they are trying to escape from abusive situations and cant afford any place else. Imagine the irony that they encourage and condone bullying here. How do they get away with it? Pat Handy the long time social worker whom this shelter is named after would be wagging her finger! The evening staff mean well but overworked it only takes one or two types with narcissistic controlling personality disorder for things to get out of hand. The social workers dont understand that their s****.> For a senile old gal she has a pretty good memory for harboring grudges for days and even weeks! She and another gal who hang around the building outside all day in their dc color coded smoker gang were practice their hate rhetoric all day long. Nursing tiny details into huge grudges, gossiping, spreading hate invectives against nonblacks, plotting and condoning retaliatory games, even strategizing how to get others kicked out. At the mediation meeting with a rookie counselor of color he asked me to apologize to the old gal. He didnt think she had to apologize to me because she just sat there hard faced hostile pretending senility. “I dont know who she is. I dont know her

Tags: Harrassing Women, Homeless Shelters/ Safe Houses, Non-Profit Organizations, Shelters- Homeless/ Safe Houses

Address: i dont talk to her

Website: i am in fact very quiet and considerate just not the chocolate color

Phone: i dont say good morning to her.”” I said sharing the same bed frame

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