My Cynergy Health Complaint


CENERGY HEALTH is NOT Cenergy Health Insurance. They are two different things completely. Cenergy Health Insurance is like a clearing house for different insurance companies. CENERGY HEALTH IS A SCAM. If a company wants you to: 1. Enroll and send first months premium BEFORE they will send you any information thru the mail 2. Will ONLY let you pay your premiums thru automatic checking account deduction or monthly charge to your credit card 3. Charge you a set up fee IF YOU CAN ANSWER YES TO THESE THREE QUESTIONS, THEN YOU’VE SIGNED UP FOR A SCAM and will get nothing but broke. There WEB sites all look great and they promise you the world. But when you call they know nothing about Health Insurance. They read off of a script. TURN THEM IN TO THE “DEPARTMENT OF MANAGED HEALTHCARE ” in your State. Lets help to get rid of them.

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