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Complaint: MV Transportation is the most unethical company I have had the displeasure of working for. MV Transportation senior management will condone or turn a blind eye to the division level if it will increase the bottom line or make it appear that the division is performing better than it really is to the contractor. Passenger incidents/accidents will go unreported against company policy if it appears no one will press the issue. All in an effort to bolster their incident or accident frequency rate. Giving the appearance to the contractee of a better service rate than it really is. This from a company that says they care about their customers (who are generally senior and the disabled.) If caught, they will make a ‘special’ investigation. And the finding will be “this process slipped through the cracks

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Address: and steps have been taken to ensure it will not happen in the future. And it won’t for several months or so

Website: but that time is long gone.”

Phone: then it is back to looking the other way. MV Transportation is the epitome of the good ole boy Network. If you enter the realm

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