Movie Gallery jacksonville Florida Review


I worked for this company for a few years in a management position. The DM forged my signature on a performance review. When reported to the Dotham office I rec. little satisfaction until I threatened to sue. nThey claimed that they were investigating for over 3 months. When I finally tired of the red tape I contacted an attorney who advised me to terminate employment and persue a lawsuit. When this happened they terminated the Dm but not until I had ended my employment with them. nI found that if I was sick I was docked In my “salary””

and put on hourly wage but if I worked 60 hours I still was paid for 45. Also they pay all bonus and spiffs with your regular pay so that it gets eaten up in taxes. I know of sexual harassment that was not reported to corporate by the DM

I know of theft that was also not reported. nThe corporation has grown so fast that I FEEL CORPORATE CAN NOT HANDLE IT. They mess up on vacatin hours and personal hours all the time and they cant seem to get it fixed. nSome people feel that movie Gallery has changed their lives

it has changed mine I will never work for that company again. They have no respect for their emplyees. nOthers report raises of 20 cents

my employees were given 15 cent raises and my raise was 8 cents. Is this the kind of company you would support

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