Mountain Concrete Construction Review


Mountain contrete was contracted to re build two different stairs: 1) front entry and (2)garage entry stairs. The front entry stairs needed to have an existing plateform removed. The back patio slap 27’x6’was also contracted to be removed and repoured. Work done: front plateform was removed very quickly (less than an hr.). Back patio was removed, but not to our satisfaction…he left two sides on either side of of the two stairs. So 4 inches of contrete was removed, but the foundation was not dug down further to provide a base for gravel or roadbase. The above work was done with in a “three” day period that covered two weeks…the workmen didn’t show up when they said they would. tow to 5 days would go by with no one showing up, no calls to explain. We were not happy with the work that was being done. Mr. Mounga was given $500 to start and soon after, another $750. So, a total of $1250.00 was alotted, at which time we put a stop on his work because we were unhappy with the work. The workers proved to be less than capable and hard working, had no schedule. over all, this company is not reliable and not skilled.

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