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Complaint: I took a quarter of classes at UCLA during the fall of 2013, and rented a 1BR apartment at Rochester Arms Apartments which is managed by Moss & Company ( I lived there for only four months and they took my entire security deposit even though I left the place in great condition. The charges included a $385 paint job, $80 carpet shampoo, and $60 janitorial fee. I kept the place very clean, there wasnu2019t a single stain on the carpet or floor, and I never hanged anything on the walls. I also scrubbed down the bathroom and kitchen carefully before leaving. I took several photos before I left and have proof about how clean I kept the place. Moss & Company management was also not responsive at times. There was a scary incident during my stay in which a male stranger was banging my door at night, loudly yelling to u201copen the dooru201d. I reported this to management and they promised they would put a peep hole on my door, but they never came to install it. They also promised to replace the old water sink, but they just left me a new sink set and never came to set it up. They also never notified me that they would be keeping my entire deposit, it took several calls five weeks after the lease ended just to find out. I am still trying to get my security deposit back. I requested photos and more details from Carly Gray, who supposedly authorized the charges. However, itu2019s been over a week and I have not gotten a reply from her. I would not recommend Rochester Arms or any property managed by Moss & Company to anyone. I only had to stay for four months, good luck to anyone looking to lease a year.

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Address: 15300 Ventura Blvd. #405 Sherman Oaks, California USA


Phone: (818) 990-5999

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