Michael Fiscolare Review


In 2016 I hired Michael Fiscolaire to do a roofing job on my home that is about 2400 Sq ft. The job required the existing shingles to be removed and the entire roof reshingled. If there was any plywood to be replaced that was a requirement as well along with the standard underlayment necessary to make the roof waterproof. He promised a crowd of about 10 guys. He drew up an estimate of $6,300.00 | To make a story short, he only brought 2 rookies with him that did not know how to put a roof together along wish himself. The underlayment was not placed according to specs which require underlayment to be at least 3 feet up from the edges, eaves, etc. To make matters worse, the backing of the underlayment was never peeled so essentailly rendering the underlayment useful as it’s not waterproof. To make matters even further wose, half the roof needed plywood replacement which he never replaced any plywood. | He simply shingled over rotten plywood that was sagging at different parts of the roof. Very scary to walk on. The second company that came and fixed Michae’s job stated that the roof was actually leaking. They ended up replacing the plywood that Michael never replaced. Essentially the roof had to be torn down again and resghingled properly. A roof done twice but done twice a professional company, not an amateur such as Michael Fiscolare.


  • Name: Michael Fiscolare
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Centereach
  • Address: 271 Eastwood Blvd
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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