MerchNow Complaint


All of their clothing merchandise sizing is very strange to begin with, i ordered a zip up hoodie in my size of medium. when i recieved the item it was too tight on my stomach, to short in the arms and yet very very baggy in the arms, such as the chest and stomach area were for a small but the arms/sleeves were for a 500 pound midget. this wouldn’t be a problem despite if returning for my money back, i did not want an exchange, wouldnt make me lose money in the end. the customer has to pay for the shipping back and they do not reimburst for the shipping (this is true in returns for clothing due to size, which the size wouldnt fit anyone properly as described earlyer). so thats 12 dollars for shipping and then a 2 dollar restocking fee (which isnt much however it seems to me to be airing on the side of dishonosty). not to mention the shipping cost to me originally. so on and so forth; in the end i would only be getting be around 7 of my original dollars which is not worth the time and trouble.

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