Melissa Cristallo – Albrightsville, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Knowingly stalks married men at the Apex Zone in Brodheadsville, PA. Please beware if she is at the gym she is looking to sleep with your husband and try to get him to divorce you to go live with her and children to replace an absent dad. Don’t let her anywhere near your husbands. Melissa relentlessly chased after my husband pretending to console him and to help with his marital problems. She helped alright every day she made sure the spoke with him and dug and dug for more information. The she would not stop calling text and emailing him. This is just in a few weeks. Then played the poor single mom and used her children to make my husband feel sorry for her. She claimed she did not know he was married, but conveniently waited until I was not a the gym with my husband to start pursuing him. She is also seeing a man that is engaged – yes she is a smooth operator using the guise of helping, poor me my life is such a mess and my horrible ex-husband neglects my children routine. Starting with friendship, blow jobs and the sex. Her MO is to wreck as many marriages as she can. She seems to be only interested in other women’s’ men. She was so bold that she even began texting me and telling me how she was never going to leave my husband alone. So if you are married and live in Northeastern PA, watch out for this homeworker.

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