Meineke So OZ PK New York


Complaint: I brought my car in to have a Tune-up done. When the mechanic was servicing the vehicle he informed me that I would need to replace a coil. I questioned the importance of replacing the coil but I thought I might as well replace it. In completing my tune-up he used cheaper spark plugs than the plugs he removed from the car. He figured he would cut cost by doing this..well it turns out that this was not the situation. I had to replace the spark plugs TWO MORE times after the initial tune-up and my check engine light is still on, and all of the replacements we done at the Meineke car care center in Stamford, CT. I have visited a number of mechanics and they cannot figure out where the original mechanic went wrong in performing the tune-up and with the spark plugs. I have paid over $500 and I am pretty frustrated at the moment because no one can tell me what is wrong with the car and I DO NOT want to go back to the Meineke because they obliviously do not know what they are doing. Marcie So OZ PK, New YorkU.S.A.

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Address: 967 EAST Main Street Nationwide U.S.A.


Phone: 203-3245522

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