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I may be the only negative comment because all the raving reviews from other sites may be from the dealers, or third party, or other paid representatives for the dealership. My experience begins with a salesman who was friendly at first but after inquiring about a vehicle I wanted got rude and demeaning when I would not given in. Advertised cars are not what they seem to an extent. First, the paperwork took a suspiciously long time to attain for my lease. I was told by the dealership that had the vehicle 3 times it would be taken care of. I had to get Volkswagen of America Customer Relations involved. Second, when the car was delivered it was damaged. Again, that was a circus trying to get a straight answer of who was responsible. Funny i took the car back to find out that the vehicel was in a serious front end accident amoung other things that is wrong with this vechice. Now I’m stuck with paying this guy because of a contract. Everyone involved blamed the other party but no one wanted to do anything about it or help. To this day it is still not settled. Bottomline, buyer beware. I have to lived with my stupid mistake of buying from a broker who the BBB said is an AA rating for business – wonder who paid who off to get that. .

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