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Complaint: In early 2007 I became a host parent for Lutheran Social Services. We discussed everything from what they expected out of me to what I could expect from them.One of the things they made very clear was that all expenses above and beyond normal routine would be reimbursed.I sat down with Loreal Morgan, the case worker at the time, in February 2007 and went through every upcoming expense as the child was in her Senior year.Every one of those expenses were authorized. So I went ahead and did what I needed to do to help the young girl.I got her into, and paid for, driver’s training, took her downtown and paid for birth certificates she didn’t have, purchased her cap and gown for graduation, as well as a class ring and other graduation expenses.I kept every single receipt with notes in detail.Time went on and Loreal moved on? I was never told exactly what happened. Joan Lutke and Sara stepped in to take over.I gave Joan Lutke my folder of receipts and notes in March. After a couple of weeks, Sara brought back the folder which had a sticky note on it that said return to me.I thought everything was fine. I called every couple of weeks asking about the reimbursement. On one of those calls, Joan Lutke told me to be patient, it takes DHS awhile to reimburse monies.After calling and emailing, it is now 2010. I finally got an email today from Joan Lutke saying they don’t have the money to reimburse me and DHS won’t reimburse because it has been 3 years.I believe the stall tactic used was to go past some sort of grace period in order to steal my money. So, my family is out almost a thousand dollars.It’s sad that an organization that is suppose to help kids and the community can be so dirty.

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Address: 207 E. Fulton, 4th Floor Grand Rapids, Michigan United States of America


Phone: 616-356-1934

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