Lotus International Realty LLC.


Working with Joann Hunter Dalziel has been by far the worst renting experience ever. I rented a unit that was managed by Joann under Lotus International Realty. Throughout most of the lease I was constantly being harassed and threatened by Joann and her husband Max (the broker). | The owner abruptly, and without notice decided to sell. Joann constantly demanded access to the unit with no consideration of my time or schedule. Though I was under no obligation to show the unit Joann always threatened legal action if I was unavailable at a certain time, taking complete advantage of the situation. | After months of maltreatment a mutual lease termination was agreed upon. After leaving the unit immaculate, the walkthrough was signed off on Joann attempted to alter the documents as well as withhold the deposit and the remanding rent that was agreed to be returned. Till this day I haven’t received the amount owed nor will Joann answer my emails. | I have experienced many unethical and unprofessional encounters with Joann and her company and wouldn’t wish their bad business on anyone else.

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