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Complaint: I have tried so hard to believe in this company and hope that things would turn around, but I had to close my account because of their hateful, nasty, rude, disrespectful staff. Their so-called support personnel are vindictive and spiteful whenever you have an issue. You cannot resolve problems at this company! Furthermore, their staff are not fluent in English and simply hang up on you when they don’t understand what you are saying. They owe me money and returned articles to me citing grammar errors (I have a teaching degree and a degree in English!!!) and when I dared to challenge them on it, they blocked me from the queue and would not allow me to do more articles. This occurred even though the person who responded to my email, whose name was Janet, ADMITTED to me that some articles are returned because they go to u201cChina or Turkeyu201d where according to her, the clients u201cdo not know simple grammar rules.u201d (quoting here there) When she told me this I said u201cwell, then how can you penalize the WRITERS if you are openly admitting that the problem is due to a language barrier on the CLIENTS end?u201d Here reply was to tell me u201cthere’s the door if you are unhappy.u201d Horrible HORRIBLE company. Staff is rude like that all the time, uses racist remarks, hangs up on you, and you are lucky if you get paid. Stay way from them!!!

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