Lifekey austin Texas Review


To all that have been ripped off by this company. I got my money back but not without some trial and error. nFirst off I fell prey to their slick TV ad. Never agreed to any auto enroll billing program. I may be stupid but I am not THAT stupid. Less than 20 days in they billed me 69.95. Whoa there horsey! I did not agree to that. Called thier customer care. Which should be called “Customer Wants to be abused some more Hotline””

was rudely told that once a product ships no refunds possible. nI should of read the web site and the brochure.nBig mistake on their part because I sell products on the internet and I have worked in call centers. They had the wrong dissatisfied customer on the line! Rep hung up on me. I call back and demand supervisor. Told no supervisor there and they will take my name and number and call me back. Wrong answer again because this was my day off and I was pissed. Gave info they asked for and told them they had 2 hours. 3 hours later. no phone call. Called them back

refused to get off the line. nTalked so bad to customer rep without cussing i made her question her parentage

but did get a “”SUPERVISOR”” on the phone. Same old doublespeak about how once product shipped no refunds unless they recieve the product back and then would only refund half my money. Sorry again but unacceptable. Then the so called supervisor hung up on me. Really bad mistake!!!! nThus i started my internet searches. Contacted FBI which sent me to Secret service which sent me to FTC. Filed all the nice complaints. Very detailed on what happened

kept records etc. nThen came across Steve Warshak email address after doing a who is search on the website Sent the man an email detailing what had been done

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