Laura Torres Goodwin – Las Vegas, Nevada Nevada


My husband and I were going through some issues. His MARRIED “friend” Laura Torres Goodwin him to visit her and her family. As soon as she realized he was about to come into some $ she latched on. Started a full blown affair in HER husbands house where they were all staying with her kids. She befriended me or so I thought, while I was pregnant with my husbands child. I figured things out and called her out on it but if course she denied it. All the while my husband and I are talking about buying a house etc. Anyway, she knew him as a kid and can’t seem to take her claws out of him. Our baby was born in February 2017 and unfortunately passed away in June of 2017. This woman isn’t adult enough to speak to me now that I have proof of what went on. She “vowed to be true” to MY husband while living with hers. Needless to say, my husband and I are living together in our new home grieving the loss of our daughter. Not sure what she doesn’t understand or if she really thinks she’s special.

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