Laura Cheyenne Cross – Chattanooga, Tennessee Tennessee


I’m going to come clean. I slept with this woman. I let her into my life even though I was married. I don’t want another fool to be like me. I was married for 14 years when I met this tramp. Things were great at first. The sex was amazing, we had awesome chemistry, and had similar problems in the past regarding our relationships and marriages. I really thought what me and this girl had was real. Turns out I was another pawn in her game. Here recently it has come to light that I definitely was not the only man to be seeing this woman. In fact so far I know of 8 guys she was juggling. Some of them where she works, some of them she knew from an old job and then me. All of us to my knowledge are married and from the rumors none of us used protection. Not to mention that she is in a relationship of her own. I won’t mention any names but if you know her you probably know about quite a few of us. I fell hard for this girl. Wanted a future with her, even doing the right thing by filing for divorce and trying to get us our own place. I feel she used me for a thrill and don’t want another poor soul to get caught up before seeing who she really is. You will get your kicks in wild sex and great conversation but she will leave you in the dirt for another when she is ready. To my wife, I’m sorry. To her, you’re nothing but a common tramp.

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