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The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS) purchased a laptop from Laptopdirect which was sold to us through ComXpert International cc. The transaction was completed (full payment was made upfront) and a Dell laptop dispatched In complete flagrant disregard for the Consumer Protection Act, Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc) is refusing to exchange or refund this aforementioned laptop that arrived faulty. The laptop refused to turn on at all, or boot up, immediately upon delivery. After numerous polite requests issued by the ASAQS to refund or exchange the laptop in accordance with SEC 56 of The Consumer Protection Act Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc) are still refusing to exchange the laptop and are insisting that we accept back the defective laptop that we initially purchased. For the record, the laptop was immediately reported to them as defective and immediately couriered back to them. The cost of the laptop is just under R11 the interests of transparency and to protect any other member of the public from being given the same treatment by Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc) we have posted the entire transcript of our email exchange with Tony Daykin from Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc). The entire unaltered transcript has been published on the ASAQS website. We strongly suggest that all future and current clients of Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc) should read this email exchange before purchasing a product from them.:- The ASAQS a member organisation representing the entire profession of Quantity Surveyors stands for the highest ethical standards within the construction Industry and in commerce. This unethical, improper and illegal conduct by Laptopdirect (ComXpert International cc) can not be allowed to go unreported. Our Associations unequivocal intention is to bring clarity of the law to Laptopsdirect in the sincere hope that they review their poor and illegal internal policies and take immediate remedial action and refund us in full for this defective product.

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