Lakelife Culture West Kelowna Review


We found Blake Anderson on Facebook where he had posted some nice pictures of kitchen reno’s. We contacted him and he promptly came over and provided us with a quote. He came back again a few days later on April 26th, 2018 and signed a contract. We then sent him via email money transfer 2 installments totaling $5500. We agreed on him completing the project by June 21st. After he got our money, we didn’t hear from him again. He stopped answering his phone. The address of his shop turned out to be fake. He also deleted his Facebook profile. Essentially, his business disappeared along with our money.In late June 2018, we decided to phone the West Kelowna RCMP. The RCMP then contacted him and he then started communicating via text message from a different phone number. The new number from him is 250-215-3231. He apologized and told us that him and his wife had just broken up (which turns out happened years ago) and that he also got into a motorcycle accident. He then said he would complete our project on June 29th. June 29th came and went and he vanished again. No way to contact him. Thus, we phoned the RCMP again. The police then proceeded to phone him and he decided to text message us again and he said he would show up and finish our Job by July 3rd. Again, this day came and went and he never showed up.Now it is August 26th, he has continued on again off again communication via text message. He has promised to show up every week but never does. His excuses have been a funeral he had to attend, flight cancellation, too rainy, countertop damaged and many more excuses.I will post an update to this when more information becomes available. Our current situation is no kitchen and no confirmation on when, if ever, he will get it done. We do have an address for him, which was provided by an anonymous source and is (((REDACTED)))Rosetree, West Kelowna.

2089 Rose Tree Rd West Kelowna, British Columbia Canada



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