LaDermanique & Lumera Cape Elizabeth Maine


Complaint: Do not buy either La Dermanique Face Serum or Lumera Eye Serum. Supposely you get a free sample product for $4.95 but what they do is then charge your credit card for $87.69. Supposely Dr. Oz says this is a good product – don’t believe it. They advertise as a pop-up ad on the internet or via their website. When you call their 1-888-312-6659 (Lumera Customer Service) or 1-888-312-7736 (La Dermanique Customer Service) to dispute the charge, they claim that this is what you signed up for, are very argumentative, won’t tell you what is the company name or location, won’t provide you their supervisor’s name, put you on hold repeatedly when you try to discuss the issue with them (4 times for me and went on for 1/2 hour multiple times. I got hoodwinked big time and my credit card company sent me a fraud alert. I am reporting them to the Maine and South Carolina Attorney General for disceptive business practices and whatever Federal Consumer Protection Agency will take my complaint. BIG SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Address: Greenville , South Carolina USA


Phone: 1-888-312-7736

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