LA Weight Loss Greenville North Dakota Review


I am a college student who is about 80 lbs overweight, i wanted to loose that weight so i could lead a healthier future. i wanted to start to take it off now before it was to late. nI seen some commercials on TV for LA Weight Loss so i went online to research more about them. a big concern for me was the money situation because i was in college. when i went in there they told me that the play would normally be 7 dollars a week but for the holidays they had a special where it was only 5. after they talked about the program it sounded right for me. they told me that the LA Lites were optional, they did NOT tell me that if i did not buy them i would not get my rebates if i did not reach my goal weight. they also told me that although it was recommended i did not have to pay the whole price up frount. so i signed the paperwork and put 100 down towards my account. after i put my 100 down and signed the papers they said ok, how would we set up the payment plans. i told them that i would like to pay monthly, that would be only 20 a month which i could afford at the time. she said im sorry but thats not an option, she said you could only take upto 8 months to pay it off, thats 8 payments, well to loose my 80lbs that would be almost 100 a month and i could definitly not afford that. i said i would have to figure something out and asked if we could discuss the LA Lite bars and any additional costs. ni said i know you said i can buy them in bulk for a big discount, i said well i bet this wont be cheap but how much. they said well you will need 240 boxes, that came out to close to 2500, if i could not afford the 800 how would i pay 2500. so i payed the 89 for the start up fee and got all my materials that i needed plus an extra 11 when i payed the 100 deposit. i told them i would have to think about every thing and i would discuss it further when i came back in 2 days. ni went back to there office in 2 days and i had lost 2 lbs but there was no way i could afford this plan. i told them im sorry but i could not afford the plan i will have to quit it, they tried so hard to keep me but there was no way. so they said that ok, but you do not get your 100 back. i was like thats fine, thats better than loosing close to 3500. then on my way out the door the lady said hey mam, i forgot, i need all your materials back, i was like i payed you the 89 for them plus 11, she said well sorry but we just need them back. i just left, i payed the 89 and they were not getting them. nTo make a long story short, Dont Use LA Weight Loss In My Own Personal Opinion………………….. nAprilnGreenville, North DakotaU.S.A. Easton, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

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