Krystal Kennedy – North Charleston, South Carolina South Carolina


This wonderful species of female met my husband and I at a birthday party for his uncle who she was dating. I befriended her. Months later I found out she is knocked up by her husband (or so she thinks), she has been messaging my husband via Facebook and then moved to real life. She is well aware he has a family and has been supposedly trying to work on her own marriage while sleeping with numerous other guys, married or not, she doesn’t discriminate. She will talk to the wife like a friend while doing these dirty things. If you know her husband, please let him know and I have proof if he would like an expedited divorce or needs reason for a paternity test. It would save me the time of having to contact him. Of course as any other “side chick”, contact was cut. I just know her type and she will victimize another woman and her family by being the “slut trash” (her word for a woman who messages a married man) she is.

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