Killingsworth Enviro-Klean Gastonia North Carolina Review


Killingsworth was recommended by a friend, so I called them to do a termite inspection for a property that I was interested in buying. They found a small board that showed past termite activity, but the two men (Jorge was a manager he said), said they found no additional evidence of termite infestation. They proceeded to find fungus, and gave me a $2500+ estimate to remove that. nI proceeded with buying the house, and a window replacement contractor came out to measure the windows, and immediately said ‘you have active termites’. We pulled the sheetrock off of the wall, and they had eaten all around the large window area up to the large wooden 10 x 2 over the window. nI called another termite company to come out and treat the house, and they found active termites under the house, and 6 floor joists and a seal that were badly damaged and had to be replaced. So, $2000 later, I had to fix the termite damage. nI wouldn’t have bought the house knowing that it had an active termite problem, and don’t understand how Killingsworth spent almost an hour under the house and missed the active termites and damage to the structure.

206 Park Road East Indian Trail, North Carolina United States of America


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