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September 4th 2017 | This is a report against the auto repair shop, K-Tech Automotive repair, Sebastopol CA. Both my 97 Chevy Silverado 4×4 truck and my 96 Mercury Villager were towed to their garage October 4th 2016. They were the closes place to have them towed to. | The Chevy truck was stuck in park and the Mercury didn’t have brakes. At that time I was moving from Sonoma County to Cobb Mt in Lake County and needed both vehicles to make the move but ended up costing me a lot of money to hire a mover. | I explained that the truck was stuck in park and how could I drive there? I asked if they could send their mechanic and they said that they couldn’t do that because it was too far!! A tow would cost me too much because I had used up AAA for that year. | I had trouble finding a mobile mechanic to come to my home but found someone to fix the truck which cost an additional $612.00. The mechanic showed me the part which turned out to be a burned out brake switch and it was the orignal factory part which means nothing was ever done to fix my truck. Plus K-Tech charged me for dianostics and did other repairs that I could have done in Lake County. All I wanted was to get the truck on the road to Lake County. | After the mobile mechanic I decided to have the rest of the truck checked out to see if any work at all was done. | I took the truck ti BigO Tires in Clearlake and to Pete’s Auto repair in Sebastopol, CA although there were a few wrench marks they really weren’t too sure about if those repairs were really done. K-Teck never offered to show me the old parts so I can’t be sure of what they repaired. Too much money for a maybe. (All documented) | I picked up the Mercury Mini Van after hours and started driving home over the hill to Lake County and found that the brakes were barely working. The whole car would shudder when stepping on the brakes. A few times I had to use the emergency brake to slow down. | When repairs were made at K-Tech the odometer read:178.341 and today it reads 178.418. I haven’t used the car because of the brakes. It has just been sitting because I can’t afford to fix it. The bill from K-Tech was their itemized list that subtotal at $450.00 and suddenly on the next page the final price jumps to $947.06 with no explaination? Robbery!! | All of this I reported to The Bureau of Automotive Repair and nothing has been done about this. They told me they would try to get me a refund but I have not been contacted by the Bureau or K-Tech about getting back any money. | This entire experience for me as a 67 year old retired women living alone has been a nightmare. I live on my SSI and have little money. I need my 4×4 truck to get safely from place to place and for my car to have brakes. K-Tech indangered my life just getting the car home. | This repair place needs to be put out of business and to be stopped from praying on people who trust them to fix their car and I think I have spoken for a lot of others who have also been robbed by such businesses. I wonder how many auto accidents were created by their fraud. | A. Cost of work done to my Chevy Truck by K-Tech: $3,054.64 | B. Cost of repairs to my Mercury Villager by K-Tech: $947.06 | I first picked up the Chevy truck from K-Tech and drove over the mountains to Cobb and to my home. | The nect day I started my truck and it was still stuck in park. So I called K-Tech and said that they did not fix my truck! The manager told me to bring the truck back to them.

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