Jamie Cosper Roberts and Senon Roberts St Louis Missouri Review


Jamie and Senon Roberts rented my house in Westminster CO for one year starting Sept 1 2008 to August 31st 2009. I should have never trusted that they were going to pay the full term of our our agreement. I did a credit check which showed a previous bankruptcy, but believed them when they said they were trying to get on the right track and build better credit. They have 4 children in which they need to provide for so I figured they would be trying to set a good example for them. They decided not to pay the last months rent nor did they pay their water bill for the last 2 months of their tenancy. Their were also misc. damages, cleaning and removal of trash after they vacated. They would not communicate with me during the last month of their rent and would not leave me a forwarding address. The situation is more complicated because I am not a landlord by choice but because we had to move out of the house we rented to Jamie and Senon due to an unexpected job transfer to another state. Like most of the real estate market the house is worth far less than we owe on it and we had no choice but to rent it out. Being that I am so far away pursuing legal action is difficult and I believe they knew right well that was the case, hence them not paying their rent or water bills and leaving the house in a condition that was not the way they received it a year earlier. There were some issues out of my control regarding water leaks into the house over the year of their lease. I addressed the problems quickly and in good faith, spending thousands in repairs. It was my ultimate goal during my time as a landlord to treat them as I would have wanted to be treated. I am left feeling angry, ripped off, and frustrated. I have learned many valuable lessons. At this point if I can put their name out there, maybe someone else can avoid being ripped off by these cowardly people.

Westminster, Colorado United States of America



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