Italian Guy Selling Fake Leather Jackets Review


This is the second time my husband witnesses a scam from these Italian guys, first his friend bought 5 jackets from a ”total italian jerk” he apparently was lost and was asking for directions to the airport, (who, that is lost and is asking for directions to the AIRPORT, would be interested in selling “leather jackets”) to make the long story short, my husband’s believed the guy’s story and bought the 5 jackets for $200. Today he saw ONE of those guys trying to sell “leather jackets” to a Mexican guy and my husband parked right behind the Italian’s car and took a picture of the license plate and told the other guy not to listen to him because he did that to his friend and the jackets aren’t real, he told him he was about to be scammed. As soon as this guys starts to say that he is selling jackets after asking for directions to the airport it should “click” that is a “SCAM” do not listen to anyone that is selling stuff in a parking lot, it is a total scam. Where are we going to end up with this type of people? The world is just becoming apart, thanks to people like this Italian jerks. By the way, his license plate is from California which tells he gets the jackets from the outlets stores there and comes and sells them in Arizona, lying “of course” saying the jackets are pure 100% leather jackets, he even used a lighter to prove that the jackets are leather and they don’t melt or get burned at all. I bet even the lighter is “FAKE”. Below is a picture of the car this guy drives. BE AWARE! .

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