Island Seas Resorts, LLC Azle Texas Review


BUYER BEWARE!!! While staying in Freeport Grand Bahamas we were invited to visit the Island Seas Resort and receive a free tour and several free gifts including a snorkle trip. After touring the property, we were offered the opportunity to move from our timeshare resort into their property for a 3 night stay since we didn’t like our current resort. We were talked into signing a contract with this resort but told that we had 7 days to cancel the contract if we didn’t like the resort. At no time did they tell us that if we didn’t complete the sale that they would automatically charge us for the 3 night stay, although in the papers (there were many) it did say that charges for any stay could be billed to us. When we returned home we decided the resort was not up to the standards we liked to stay, the promises they made about selling one of our other timeshares was false as we ran into several couples who had owned there for several years and that they were ripped off when this resort promised to re-sell their other property and never did. Furthermore, when we cancelled we requested our $1,015 deposit back and only when we found out this resort not only refused to refund our deposit in accordance with the contract they attempted to extort an additional $601 or more charges by attempting to charge our credit card account which they now have claiming this was the additional amount owed to them for 3 nights. We couldn’t believe they had the nerve to do this as If you check the resort rate at this resort, the average room rate is only between $135 – $175 per night. Unfortunately we learned too late that our bank, First Hawiian Bank refused to honor our request to dispute the original deposit charge and has not credited back our card. We are having to cancel the credit charge numbers to prevent this firm from further charges which they have tried twice. This company is decceitful and run by a bunch of unscrupulous people, the director of sales with the Island Seas Invesments Ltd, Mr. George Provenzano refused to deal fairly with us. We warn anyone not to purchase or stay at this resort. Frankly we feel it isn’t worth it as the pool is only about 4 feet deep, the rooms only have a queen size bed and we experienced several power outages during our brief stay. DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF BY ISLANDS SEAS! Freeport, Georgia United States of America



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