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mr wasim khan owner of iqra fashion( C-121,JAMIYA NAGAR,NEW DELHI.) is a crook.a thief and money eater.her allways ask u for ur order of clothes and send u the pics also.after that he allways ask for the advance.and told u he have factory and all.BUT IN FACT HE IS A THEIF.he have nothing with him like his factory and all.he takes money from u and after that never deliver u the stuff on the time he commit.and after ur so many calls he told u his own proublums also.and he shows he need more time to make ur stuff.but in the end one day he change his cell no and never give u ur stuff and money,same he do like to me and after taking 75% advance he never send me my money back and never give me my payment.even i go to his home also and he make so many excuses so many times and after that he refuse that he is not abel to give me any thing cause he got a big lose in his bussiness.when i check all i see there was no loss .IN FACT HE IS A THEIF,CROOK,CHOR AND MONEY EATER.AND ONE DAY HE WILL DIE WITH EATTING MONEY OF PEOEPLS,SO THIS IS REQUEST TO ALL NEVER PLACE HIM ANY ORDER.

C-121,Jamiya Nagar,okhla Internet United States of America


iqra%[email protected]/

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