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I applied for a position as a junior markerter at Innovate Industires located in Sarasota, FL. I received a call and was asked to come to an interview and have 2 hard copies of my resume. I went to the first interview and suspected nothing, but returned the next day for a second interview and realized this was a scam. My second interview took place walking around the exterior of the building. Every question I asked was answered with a nonsensicle motivational slogan that had nothing to do with the question I asked. When I asked if the training was paid the “owner” Nick told me most people who apply worry two much about the income instead of the enjoyment of the job. I also asked what the title of the postion I was offered was and he refused to answer that question.When I asked that their offer was sent to me in writing, Nick was verry defensive. All he would send in writing was a “Welcome to the Innovate Team” email. I then declined his offer. Their office looks like it was just furnished yesterday via Walmart. I find that odd considering three different people including Nick told me the company earned 8.5 million dollars anually. Nick claimed that he was “in my position” a year ago when he accepted the same position I was applying for. He now claims he is the owner making a six figure income. All I observed sitting in the waiting room was all the these so called “succesful” people standing around in the lobby wearing cheap Mens Warehouse suits pretending to make business deals. I also observed the receptionist answering her mobile device as the Innovate Industries landline. You would think a succesful company such as Innovate claims to be would have a proper telecommunications systerm installed. Nick has no idea how to run a company or how to conduct a proper interview. Training is avergaged to take 6-8 months and is the hours of 10:30-7:00 pm six days a week which is (51) hours. When I asked what my pay rate woud be during training, Nick said that it would only be $200 a week. Also any mileage used in training and after is not reimbursed by the company. You are respobsible for all mileage while on the clock. I hope someone does something about the illegal wage that their paying their employees. This is the most fake company I have ever heard and been a witness of. DO NOT TRUST Innovate Industries or the two other names this company claims to be. .

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