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Complaint: On Januray 23, 2016 i went to look at an apartment for rent on 302 S. K. Street Unit 1. I met Anthony Vidiri of Infinite Skies Property Management, LLC and gave him $100.00 in cash. $50.00 toward an application fee and $50.00 toward our depoist to hold said apartment. My boyfriend and I continued to pay cash toward said unit on multiple dates to Anothny Vidiri whom personally drove to my boyfreind’s sisters’ house in Wellington where we are temporarily staying to pick up the cash. On January 26, 2016 we gave Anthony $180.00 cash. On January 29,2016 he was given $100.00 in cash and on January 30,2016 he was given another $400.00. Anthony had brought a small 4×6 white piece of paper on the 26th of January and each time he picked up the money all three of us signed said form, In the night of Janaury 30, 2016 Anthony suddenly seemed interested in how to exit the rear of the property. To our surprise, once he left we noticed the white piece of paper was conveinetly missing. I immediately called and texted Anthony whom would not answer my calls or respond to my text messages, I have those text messages saved to my phone proving that he wasn’t responding and immediately Anthony started with excuses. We had a verbal agreement to make cash payments to him so we could move into the Lake Worth Property. On February 2nd, Anthony called me and stated to me that there was a gas leak in the unit and code ebnforecement was involved. By this point, i knew we have been had. Anthony was fully aware that we did not have a vehicle and that we were not near Lake Worth, I asked a long time freind of mine, whom happens to work for the Sheriff’s department to verify if someoone was now occupying the unit. She contacted me on February 4th to notify me that there was in fact someone occupying the unit. I have called and texted Anthony concerning the issue that he lied to us when he said there was a gas leak. He stated he must have rented the unit…he being Frank Miccio. Then started his boss would contact us that he knew we had to move from the Wellington location on Fabruary 6, 2016. Since the white paper went missing with all of our signatures, Anthony has done nothing but lie to us repeatedly about the situatuion. One evening he called my phone after 11pm at nite. In which case i contacted him the following morning stating we were sleeping. Since he knew we would be sleeping at that hour Anthony and Frank reapeatly would call after 11pm at nite thinking we would not answer their calls, They were wrong. Frank Miccio called my boyfriend’s phone on friday the 5th of February after 11pm to which he answered and stated to my boyfriend that he would refund our money and he would have different apartments to show us on Saturday February the 6th and he would be in touch,. To to avail, he never called us and we attempted to contact him and Anthony repeadily by phone and text. Anthony seemed more concerned of what paper i had to prove that we made payments to him. It was the original paper he wrote on taking my application fee and the fifty dollars to hold the apartment. I kept all the dates and dollar amounts on the same form and Anthony was not aware i have that paper listing all the details. Frank Miccio stated to my boyfriend that Anthony was dealing with b***h issues. We dont care what issues Anthony Vidiri nor Frank Miccio have but the fact he knowingly kept accepting money from us and decided he could steal my boyfriends hard, earned cash by taking the only peice of paper from the Wellington address and acted as if he knew knothing. I have witnesses that met Anthony on every occasion when he picked up the cash. I believe they are not realtors. If they are, they should be reported to the realtor licensing board and to never to business again in this state period. They have very smooth sales skills and kept talking in circles that they would find us an alternate location to live in. After i realized Anthony lied to us, I wanted the cash back. My boyfriend tried to take a more diplomatic approach and give them the benefit of the doubt, That approach hasnt worked. I texted Frank and Anthony and informed them by text what they owed us and to call us immediately. To to avail, there has been no repsonse. We are now having to look for an apartment without this $730.00 and start over again. We need our money back. They represented themselves as realtors or property management individuals and apparently viewed our klndness as a weakness and that we would not do whatever possible to get our money back, We will not be victims to these thiefs…

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Address: 804 Lighthouse Drive #6B North Palm Beach, Florida USA

Website: Infinite

Phone: 5619076503

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