Idaho Home and Energy Complaint


Company uses this ploy called the “Go Green Discount.” They tell homeowners they get a pot of money from Alside for one month only. This is how it works: Say you price 9 windows at $8, 920.00. OHE will say they can give you a “Go Green Discount” of $1, 070.00 off the $8, 920.00. They then inform home owners they must act or the money could be drawn up. Truth is: There is no “Go Green Discount” for one month only. They do it each-and-every month. They may change the name but it’s always suppose to be a vendor discount for one month only. Totally FALSE! The company has also brought in convicted felons. The owner wrote on yelp to the public that he brought in criminals and felons. Apparently some of them were let go and he argues that these folks have put him and his customers in Jeopardy. The fact is the owner put himself and customers in Jeopardy by bringing in felons to work with personal home owner information such as credit card numbers and I.D. information! He has the audacity to blame the ### he brought in rather than himself.

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