We saw the Garmin and Astro GPS trackers and collars for sporting dogs on their website and were intrigued by their deeply discounted pricing. | These prices are significantly lower than the list price from the respective manufacturers. A $800 regularly priced unit being listed for sale at $350 sounds too good to be true. Well, it turns out it is too good to be true. They only offer Western Union and Money Gram as payment options which means you have no recourse if they decide to just keep your money and not send the products. When we reached out to them via email to express our concerns and seek other payment options, they told us, literally, Fu** Off. Nice customer service! | There were multiple misspellings on their website and in their email communications and even some Arabic writing in their ad listings. All of these are red flags for an educated and informed consumer. Spread the word! These people are rip off artists!

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