Hormel Foods Corporation Arizona


Complaint: I have found rocks in their chili on several occasions. At first I let it slide but then my children were eating it so I decided to call them. I called and the customer service representative was quite rude and disrespectful. She treated me like dirt and stated that she would send a free product replacement voucher. I never did receive it and she said she will resend it and some forms for my dentist and never did. I also contacted the company by email and they never responded. I would say the same ladies at the call centers must be receiving the emails and covering their own tracks. I am very tired of this company and will never buy from them again. My stomach ached after eating their chili and I feel I swallowed a few stones. I had bad indigestion all night long. I feel worse that the company does not care about their customers.

Tags: Food Vendors

Address: 1 Hormel Place Austin, Minnesota United States of America

Website: www.hormel.com/


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