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I met with a sales rep back in Oct 2014. Told me that this company Hibu has a good customer base and that I should get at Least 9 calls a month from this ad campaign. So, for a total of six months, I should have gotten 56 calls. Promised me that business would be great if I went with this campaign. I did get a call once from someone that I believe was staged because when I called back, no answer and the mailbox was full. I never received a contract in the mail with my signature on it as I was told I would get. I was very specific about only advertising for six months because my product is seasonal. They automatically keep the ad campaign going if you don’t put a stop to it. So unprofessional on many levels. I agree, there should be a class action suit against this company. It’s the wild west and there’s no sheriff to hold anyone accountable. They should be run out of town. .

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