Henry Sotolongo Prsident Precision Marine Electrical plantaion Florida Review


Henry Sotolongo of Precision Marine Electrical has a Mobile Marine Electrical Service specializing in Marine Wiring and installing Electronics, breakers, Panels and any type of Issue involving a Boat and Wiring. He Claimed ! His real First name is not Henry. He has a Spanish name so do not get involved with this Sheister if his Company’s name is Precision Marine Electrical. The story is a typical start the Job look good for a day or Two or even Three. Even though he was referred, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and trusted that He was going to show up Monday, he did not, and Tuesday 3 hours and Wednesday 3 hours and Thursday no show and Friday he came and asked for materials that He was going to need next week. He asked me If he could bring a helper and I said no problem. Friday rolls around and He asks me for some money and Our Deal was Funds in Full on Completion I provided Percision Marine with all the Materials and He bought out of His Pocket a total of $17 and I told Him that I wanted a Bill and he said He would email it. He never Did. He showed up Monday and worked 3 hours and Tuesday His helper showed up and a Roll of wire was not there as promised by me. I told Him that I would Eat the Hours I advanced Him $ 500 and never got a Bill. Our Deal was Cash on Completion. I left Him $500 and $350 worth of Materials and He dissapeared and has never come back! nCaptain alnplantaion, FloridaU.S.A.

Miami, Florida U.S.A.


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