Heather Bunch Adams Morristown Tennessee Tennessee


This girl is Heather Bunch Adams.. She’s a homewrecker that preys on married men and men that are in serious relationships. I caught my fiancĂ© cheating on me with her in July of 2013. After talking to her she tells me she thought they were really going to be together..They were suppose to get a place together, go on vacation and everything. || Well in a conversation about this whore on Facebook I found another girl who had recently caught her husband cheating with the same girl! She claims they were in love and going to be together as well.. They were getting their own place and going to live happily ever after too..She knew both men were in relationships and both men had children too.. She didn’t care to tear these families apart and not only that but the other girl just caught the whore with her husband for a second time!.. || She is a sorry excuse for a women! She has a daughter which she never has! But it’s hard for her to care for a child and screw everybody in town too..

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