Go Relax Travel Simi Valley California Review


My wife entered a “contest”” on a Latino radio station. They said if you name the singer you “”win”” a vacation for 4 people to the Bahamas

Puerto Rico or other exotic locations. She called

named the singer and the station said she “”won””. Later Go Relax Travel called and said she had “”won”” but needed to pay $383.99 to “”reserve”” the trip. They said don’t worry you will have 48 hours after we send you the package to cancel if you don’t like it. When we got the package on 1/28/9 we found out it did not include airfare

taxes and food plus we had to sit through a 90 minute presentation on “”the benefits of vacation ownership””. We really didn’t know what she had “”won”” and were going to have pay almost $3000 to go to the Bahamas. nAs a result my wife cancelled the next day on 1/29/9 (within 24 hours) and sent Go Relax Travel a cancellation notice. It’s now 2/26/9 and we have made approximated 16 calls to Go Relax travel and they will not return our money. nIf you check them out on the internet (she should have done this first but she trusted the radio station) you will find nothing but negative things about this company. The Florida Better Business Bureau rates them a D+. They have had 34 complaints in the last 12 months. There are numerous negative stories on the internet about his company. Check out their web page at www.gorelaxtravel.com. They have and official looking seal that read’s Florida Bureau of Travel and Tourism

United States of America. If you Google this name you will find there is no organization by this name in Florida. This company is nothing more than a scam and rip off from start to finish and the people there should be in jail. nGarrettnSimi Valley

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