From: "GLOBAL PETS PRIME LOGISTIC"Date: June 24, 2018 at 8:44:56 AM PDTTo: [email protected]Subject: *** FLIGHT AND DELIVERY NOTIFICATION FOR YOUR FEMALE GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY***GLOBAL PRIME LOGISTICS CARGO LtdIN ASSOCIATION WITH USHIP, EMS, UPS, DHL FEDEXINTERNATIONAL PETS CARGO AGENCY, Registration No. 254972. VAT No. IE6254072E,provides comprehensive services to address the relocation of pets. We specialize in international transport of pets that requires documentation and permits for complex rabies-free countries such as England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand. Whole of the UNITED STATES.WE MOVE PETS, LLCTRANSPORT Transportation FormTo have your pet shipped within the continental United States, please fill out the Animal Transportation Form below. If you have questions about pet moving, please see the detailed description of our Animal Transportation Services and our section on Pet Shipping Information.GLOBAL PRIME AGENCY (EMA)DIAL / TEXT (240) 979-6019 IF THE LINE IS BUSY DUE TO NET WORK CONGESTION8575 AIRPORT PLAZATel. (240) 979-6019Email if numbers are busy or no answer because of too much work.EMAIL: [email protected] CUSTOMER,EXPRESS SERVICES WORLD WIDE SERVICE, WISHES TO INFORM YOU ABOUT YOUR FEMALE GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY HERE AT OUR REGIONAL HEAD QUARTER, with the registration number 05J3287/48541H. Copy this number you will give it to our pet delivery agent when they come to your home to deliver your puppy.WE HAVE YOUR PUPPY FROM MR/MRS:CLYNE MELIHere at PASADENA (MD), to be transported using the address below. You have to confirm this address.NB. PAYMENT DIRECTIVES( 1 ) Just get a pen and a paper( 2 ) Copy our payment details exactly as you see( 3 ) Go to any of the provided WESTERN UNION money transfer address( 4 ) You Take a Form( 5 ) You will have to fill in the form using our payment details( 6 ) You will also have to fill in your own details as the sender of the money( 7 ) When you are through with the form, give it to the cashier in charge and the money will be transferred. once the money is transferred, he/she will give you a receipt.( 8 ) You will have to email us with the details on the receipt or send us a scan copy of the receiptYOU CAN HAVE A WESTERN UNION IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING STORESWALGREENS// SAFEWAY, // RITE AID PHARMACYWESTERN UNION PAYMENT INFORMATION TO OUR HEAD OFFICE IN MARYLANDReceivers informationNAME: FRANK GOMEZCOUNTRY: USASTATE/CITY: MARYLAND/GREENBELTZIP CODE20112AMOUNT$300

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