Glassdoor Lake Tahoe California


Complaint: We are a small business of about six people. Like most businesses- we made a bad hire. The person was let go after 3 months and we thought that was the end of the mistake. Glassdoor gave a voice to the ex employee despite language in our employment agreement prohibiting use of social media and our company name. Glassdoor sales team called our firm with a promise to improve our ratings and remove the bad reviews for a 10,000 fee. We paid, and they did not provide anything except a cheap Glassdoor website, and consultant that encourages you to get more reviews of current and prior employees. After this occurs, your current employees will get weekly emails from Glassdoor with advice on getting more pay and applying for other jobs. This is a scam – DONT pay anything to Glassdoor for their services.

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Address: california USA



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