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Complaint: I hired Gerald robinson to file a lawsuit in an simple, statutory landlord-tenant dispute. Gerald recieved over 800 dollars in prepayment and filing fees from me to take the case, assuring me this was a simple statuatory violation and would be simple to win. Since then, I have called weekly, and been given every run around possible. Finally, after two years of asking where the case is standing I find out from the courts that it was never filed. Then, to top it off, I have since been informed from a former associate of his that he negotiated a agreement with the opposing party, without my knowledge, and recieved money to drop the case. Be very wary of using his services.

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Address: 648 S 152nd St Ste 7, Burien u00b7 (206) 243-4219 seattle, Washington USA


Phone: (206) 243-4219

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