Georgene Hobel Malovich North Port Florida Review


My Wife and I booked a cruise directly from Georgene Malovich at a flee market in Fort Myers and we were told that the world famous Blondie was playing on the ship! We were pumpped to say the least! Turns out that Blondie is not playing, and we are pissed. We will never book through this travel agent ever again! She kept saying she wanted to cancel the cruise and give us our money back (we already took the days off of work so..) we will still go on it, just not to see Debby ? , we just wanted maybe a discount for being lied to and catching her in the lie. I hope many people see this and to do the research before booking with her, we feel like we’ve been taken for a ride.

Cape Coral, Florida USA

(239) 772-1840

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