The company took us for $167.00. They took it right off our card. No one ordered their merchandise, visited their site, nor did we agree to anything. We certainly didn’t recieve anything. | We called the 888 number listed on our account Card) where the charges came out: | 3 here, then 7 dollars there, and a few other smaller charges, so we didn’t notice it the first week. The next week it was 77 here, 79 there until it added up to $167.00. | We called the number listed on the charges Different company names, but same thief and same phone number). We could not get a live individual. So, we disputed the charges. However, after we called the number listed on the charges, they refunded $2.78 cents and claimed that we had actually contacted them and agreed to a partial refund, so they disputed our “dispute”. How’s that for bold and brazen!? | We are still trying to get our money back through our credit card vendor. Every time they try to contact them, it’s a new story. They’re obviously trying to delay and deny. | When we tried to find the company on the internet, there’s all kinds of websites for this particular company. | Stay away from them!!! and, if you notice a charge from them…Do not call them. It merely alerts them that you’ve noticed the theft. So, they issue a small refund and try to claim you agreed to it. What a ripoff!

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