Garage Door Service – GDS Laguna Hills California Review


I called several different companies to come and bid on a new garage door for my house in September 2008. Out of the 4 that I called I chose GDS Co. based on the price and time frame for install. The salesman was very nice and gave what I thought was a good package deal. The door was installed and within a week had fallen off the track. We called GDS to come out and fix the problem and they did, stating that it was installed incorrectly. Approximately 6 weeks later the door fell off the track again. I called and they came back out. I was told again that the track was not installed correctly and that they had for sure fixed it this time. nThey asked for a $35.00 service fee. I asked about why I would have to pay a service fee when this was an issue due to a faulty install (which they did) in the end the service tech. agreed with me and did not charge me.nLast night the door fell off the track again, I called and when I asked again about the service fee the person on the phone told me I would need to talk to a manager, who proceeded to pick up another line and ask “what do you want”” I explained the situation to him and he told me that there would be a $75.00 service fee for the call because it was out of warranty. When I explained to him that the door has had the same problem since install he got belligerent with me

yelled and hung up on me. At one point when I asked “”is this something that I should expect? that the door could fall off the track from time to time?”” He said “”well I cant tell you that

I’m not looking at your door right now

am I?”” and something like “”don’t ask me loaded questions””. I called back 2 times only to be put on hold and then disconnected again. (This was the manager I was dealing with!)nI have since called my Homeowners insurance to come out and fix the door correctly and will file a complaint with the BBB and any other online venue I can find. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and hope that I can spare someone out there the money and frustration I have dealt with.nThis company is obviously not interested in customer service or satisfaction. nJaysonnLaguna Hills


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